Light housekeeping

Light housekeeping is eligible to financial assistance.


In each room

  • Take out carpets and shake them outside
  • Dust fans and fixtures
  • Clean switches and power outlets
  • Dust trinkets and ornaments on walls
  • Clean windowsills, mouldings and registers
  • Dust blinds and curtains
  • Dust/clean lamps
  • Empty and clean the interior garbage can
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean telephones
  • Clean doors (facade, top, handle)
  • Slide light fourniture to move
  • Vacuum or sweep and wash floors


  • Clean the stovetop, stoveburners and change plates if needed
  • Clean the stove head (remove knobs)
  • Clean front and top of the drawer
  • Clean the outside of the range hood


  • Sort laundry
  • Remove stains
  • Clean and dry clothes
  • Hang clothes on the clothesline
  • Fold and iron clothes
  • Put clothes away

Vacuum cleaner

  • Clean the device and accessories
  • Change the bag if full
  • Change the filter if required

Living room

  • Dust television and other electronics
  • Dust bookcase by moving books and other objects
  • Vaccum fabric or wipe leather furniture

Computer (*make sure it is turned off)

  • Clean the housing
  • Clean the screen according the client’s instructions
  • Dust the keyboard (Turn it upside down to take out the dust) and clean the mouse
  • Clean the computor tower


  • Clean handrail and balusters
  • Clean steps and risers


  • Clean the top using a safe stepladder
  • Clean the gasket seal
  • Clean front and sides if they are accessible
  • Clean the door handle
  • Wipe the shelves without emptying them


  • Unpack the groceries
  • Clean shelves without taking out the content

Kitchen counter top

  • Tidy up food, do the dishes
  • Clean small electrical appliances (toaster, coffee-maker, kettle…)
  • Clean the microwave (inside and outside)
  • Clean the counter top and the back splash (moving and replacing objects at the same place)
  • Take out the garbage and the recycling
  • Wipe inside the cabinet under the kitchen sink (cleaning products and trash can)
  • Clean the kitchen sink, the drain and faucet


  • Empty / load
  • Clean top and front

Cabinet doors

  • Clean outside the cabinet doors and drawers

Tables and chairs

  • Clean top, edges and legs of the table
  • Clean the back and seat of each chair
  • Clean legs and under legs of each chair


  • Change sheets and make the beds
  • Dust the headboard and the footboard
  • Dust lamps and lampshades
  • Dust dressers and nightstands (horizontal and vertical surfaces)
  • Vacuum or sweep and wash floor (under the bed)

Washing-drying machine

  • Dust the top and the head of the appliances
  • Clean the lint trap


  • Clean accessories: towel rails, toothbrush holder, soap dish …
  • Clean the shower curtain and the rubber carpet
  • Clean the toilet and its contour
  • Remove and clean the raised toilet seat
  • Clean the bath tub and the shower (walls and contour) and faucet
  • Clean the countertop, the sink, the drain and shine faucet

Entrance hall

  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Clean the bottom of the closet

Patio door

  • Clean the front door and its window
  • Clean the windows (interior/exterior) and stains on the frame

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