Personnal care

In order to enhance home support for individuals facing a loss of autonomy Aide à Domicile Haut- Saint-François provides a broad range of services besides those eligible for financial assistance.


Personnal care

  • Brush teeth
  • Change clothes
  • Change incontinent pants
  • Clean complete dentures
  • Clean ears
  • Cut nails
  • Dressing assistance
  • Empty urine collection bag
  • Feeding assistance
  • Getting in and out of bed assistance
  • Give a bath
  • Help going to the toilet
  • Installation and maintenance of earring aid
  • Installation of condom catheter
  • Partial cleaning
  • Put support stockings
  • Shave beard
  • Supervision and administration of medecines
  • Take blood pressure
  • Take temperature
  • Take urine or stool sample
  • Wash and style hair

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